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No Cheese Please!

No Cheese Please!


Celebrating my Covid-19 Negative Test results, I got together with a few virus free friends
to make my own pizza. Full disclosure, I DON’T LIKE CHEESE. Don’t like the smell, the taste, or anything about this curdled milk product that delights the masses and is high in saturated, artery clogging fat.

Growing up it was always an issue at my friend’s houses for sleepovers. When the pizza arrived, I had to scrape the cheese and reapply the toppings. My entire life, I’ve spent asking for the salad to be made without cheese, and skipping the lasagna dinners with cheese cake for dessert. Each Thanksgiving, my friends rave about my mom’s famous Mac n Cheese, which I’ve never tried.  I’ve passed on those charcuterie platters of appetizers filled with variations of brie and gouda  No ham and cheese, cheese fries, enchiladas, nachos, or bread with cheese.  Snacks such as Cheeze Its, Doritos or cheese puffs, cream cheesecheese wiz in celery, never made their way into my belly. The only cheese I like is to “Say Cheese” for the camera. People often ask if I’m lactose intolerant, and look at me with pity, like I’m missing out.  Nope!

Without cheese, I LOVE pizza. As I was building my pie, I reflected and likened it to most of life. You add what you favor and in my case, that was lots of tomato paste, chicken,  pesto and veggies, including artichoke hearts,  bell peppers, and olives. Then you set the stove piping hot and bake it til all the ingredients mold together. It was scrumptious!

Each day as you build your pizza of life, may it include the best of friends, food, fun, hard work, deep conversation, empathy, gratitude, appreciation, love, laughter and dedication. Oh and if your offering me a bite, please no cheese!  I can get down with you in the trenches, as we all suffer hardships and figure out the components to get life right. But by and large, I live life looking at something to do, love and look forward to.  I cannot wallow in the holes of any Swiss Cheese.

Just imagine each day when you awoke, if you had a bowl of ingredients on your counter, and you could choose to bake the outcome for your day. You surely would pass on the negativity, the laziness, greed, judgement, anger, and envy.  The choice is yours- so don’t go putting your “cheese” on others pies.  No matter if you love cheese or hate it, we can all agree, it stinks!
Make it and bake it, baby- the ingredients are there… the toppings are your choice