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I for years have joked that when my friends come for a drink, they all become Buddhist. My co-blogger and sister Tracie and I still laugh after a late night party, I was flicking the lights on and off aka the party is OVER style.

But, truth be told, there is no one that likes a party more than me.  I’m still reeling from all the birthday shout outs, calls, treats, texts, drinks, eats, love, and laughter!  My week of celebrations ended when my life-long BFF, Trina Gill Beatty brought me the above kitchen towels.  The message is simple and clear.

The gratitude I feel for each one of you who took the time to show me love is immense.

So if you try to leave, know that…Namawantutostay!

Thanks Shari Leid for this rare candid shot – that’s the look of me over-served, over joyed! xoxoxo