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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

My Sister’s Keeper…

My Sister’s Keeper

I believe that am is in the middle of the word family for a reason. Family for me is the reason I am.

I often boast about my family and their accomplishments. I’m beyond proud of the high bar of excellence in all realms of society my family has thrived. I celebrate my children’s milestones. I’m in awe of my sister Tracie’s ability to soar in Europe for more years than she lived in the states. My nephew, and cousins, and uncles and aunts- yes, I live along with all of them and their accomplishments out loud. I marvel at my mother’s beauty, wisdom and grace. I’ve shared the history and mystery of who my father was. Some called him a visionary and others feared his courageous, often “take no prisoners” work ethic. But one of the greatest lessons that Daddy shared was to always be real. So in honor of my father’s legacy, today I will share about his fourth child, my half sister, Windy.

Windy and I don’t have childhood memories of playing jacks, dolls or hide in seek. We didn’t learn to apply makeup or drive a car together. We didn’t hold sisterhood secrets of first dates, and breakups. We met when we were in our mid twenties. With one look, there was no denying the genetic lineage we both shared. Her mother, a blonde haired woman of German decent bore a black child, and Windy was raised in suburban Seattle with her three white siblings. I have often teased Windy over the years saying, when her mother toted her tribe, people must have looked and said “Duck, Duck, GOOSE!” I would be amiss if I did not acknowledge that initially Windy’s presence was a challenge for our family to accept. I believe that the pain of discovering an adult heir or as I screamed at Daddy upon her discovery “error” conceived during matrimony is extremely personal. I do not judge families who elect to not integrate. I have seen families destroyed by indiscretion. I also believe that family is not about who bore you, but who raised you. I have family and they are my chosen tribe and we do not share blood, but history.

With that said, I embraced Windy as my sister. Over the years, I have found her to be a generous soul and a loving spirit. She is a hard worker with a tenacious desire to please and serve. I titled this piece, my sister’s keeper, when perhaps it should be called Like Father Like Daughter. Windy, just like our father has been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease and heart failure. I believe prayers are currency too and today I’m asking you to pay it forward with a prayer. Pray that her children and grandchildren will be strong during this difficult time and her husband, Ronnie has the strength and wherewithal to support her.

And if anyone in #Ellen Degeneres’s camp is reading- Windy’s wish is to meet her!

Attached is the link Windy’s sister, Kris Olson Johnson created. Thank you for taking the time to read, and for your prayers and support.