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My Sister’s Blues…

Today, I want to share a song which is very familiar and personal within my family. My sister, co-blogger, and better half and I are so in sync, even though we live over 5,ooo miles apart, most times we feel it in our core when things go array in each others world. We are like a teeter totter, when one goes down, the other one is there to elevate.

past few months, we have blogged about a personal health crisis and recovery, and the day to day business challenges we face as single self -employed women. Teeter Totter…
we have made it through! On the news this morning, someone said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t BIG enough.”
Below are some of the highlights we have shared of dreamers, who although they surely have had their own set of “blues,” they carried on.We have placed the Spotlight on women making changes which affect our world, such as Cinda Lonsway and ROAR! Andrea Maki and Wild Love Preserve. We traveled across the globe to shine on business woman extraordinaire, Yue-Sai Kan, music legend, Carole King, and the woman behind the movie, Philomena. We blogged about taste-makers and entrepreneurs Sasha Muir and DT Levy. And of course, the award wining actress, Viola Davis, and her motivational speech on behalf of the YWCA. These are all women we admire, who are philanthropist, conservationist and through it all… they keep on keepin on.So, today I raise a glass to my co-blogger and sister, Tracie and all “my sisters”, if you are going through a rough time, JUST KEEP ON GOING and shake yo’ shimmy cause everything will be fine!

Sister, you’ve been
on my mind
Sister, we’re two of a kind
So, sister, I’m keepin’ my eye on you.

I betcha think I don’t know nothin’
But singin’ the blues, oh, sister,
Have I got news for you, I’m something,
I hope you think that you’re something too

Scufflin’, I been up that lonesome road
And I seen alot of suns going down
Oh, but trust me,
No-o low life’s gonna run me around.

So let me tell you something Sister,
Remember your name, No twister
Gonna steal your stuff away, my sister,
We sho’ ain’t got a whole lot of time,
So-o-o shake your shimmy Sister,
‘Cause honey the ‘shug’ is feelin’ fine.

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