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I’m gonna be brief. Gotta make up for my fun time on the carousel yesterday.

When Democrats officially nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris later this month, she will be the first Black woman and first Asian American to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket.  And though some say that her record isn’t perfect, when you really think about it, none of our leaders’ records are perfect. So regardless of which side of the aisle you stand, the truth is that we are standing smack dab in the middle of a momentous moment of history in the making! 

Black Americans (and other minorities) and women have always and still are fighting for ‘the equal opportunity’; to struggle our way out from beneath the limited confines of the oppressor. Did you all hear about the passing recently of black female civil rights activist Mimi Jones? She was 17 years old when she and other civil rights activists leaped into a Whites only pool, in St. Augustine Florida when the motel’s manager came and dumped a jug of acid in the water. Florida. Hot. Swim. Fun. Acid. Really?

I just do not know where people find the wherewithal to be so evil.  And I don’t want to know. 

I do believe and profoundly hope that when elected, Biden/Harris will begin to heal our nation. From the devastation of the virus to systemic racism, from the economic collapse to the ever-looming climate crisis, hopefully, these two leaders will lift us up together toward a new future (which is Hallelujah exciting), and restore integrity, dignity, and compassion in the White House.

If we don’t have hope, we have nothing–and now, we could very well be on the cusp of having something we’ve heretofore only dreamed of. Finally.

Let’s not muddy the race by making it a race or genitalia issue.