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Must Be Present to Win!

Today on As I’ve been sharing about creating Generational Wealth, today, I want to address some lifestyle sacrifices that are inherent to achieving your goals.
My husband and I live 4 hours and twenty minutes flying time apart. I’m in Seattle, and he is in Nashville. Although this is certainly not ideal, we both entered this marriage knowing that my life’s work was in the Pacific Northwest, and he runs a public company in Tennessee. There are many engagements that we cannot attend together. Missed BBQ’s, lazy rainy movie nights, and just the mundane life that most couples take for granted, we must coordinate in advance. Although this is not traditional, we both respect each other’s careers and have figured out how to not let two weeks go by without seeing each other and we make the most of our time when together.
We live by the saying, “you must be present to win.” So, after an uber fun filled weekend toasting a few friend’s milestone birthdays; Eric walking 6 miles in the hot sun for two days, and me playing tennis; touring a 20 unit building on the market which ironically our family owned 35 years ago; celebrating my soon to be daughter in law’s lovely bridal shower; attending Ian and Laura’s waterfront dance party with an epic food truck and excellent wines, catching up with dear friend, A.J. and eating fabulous food Frank prepared and hospitality at Frank and Tiffany’s gorgeous home; visiting Betty’s beautiful waterfront home; laughing with Auntie M staying with us from Walla Walla; and Eric doing my “honey do” list including several runs to Home Depot, and putting up our porch umbrella, today, we are back to the grind.
It’s August 1st. My son and I did a move in at 9 AM this AM and Eric made it back to Nashville for his Monday morning meeting.
I miss him already. I will see him in ten days. The sacrifices of creating generational wealth are real, but we are fully present in fun and work and that’s a win!