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Money Is…Follow up Fundus Minimus

I truly enjoyed your responses to last week’s post Fundus Minimus, where a first date had me in an uncomfortable circumstance of doing “The Macarena” pat down dance when the pricey check was presented. I have played this scenario over in my head numerous times these past five years. Should I have offered to wait an enjoy another glass of the Rombauer wine he had eagerly ordered, while he took an Uber back to his place to get his missing wallet? (My mother would have opted for this). Should I have sacrificed him to management for kitchen clean up to work off the meal? (My father would have done this). Should I have called him on his B.S. pre-meditated dine and dash plans and made a scene leaving him stranded (so MANY of my girlfriends would have done this.) None of those options resonated as authentic to me. As a Menopausebarbee, a song my Uncle Quincy produced in the 1970’s played in my head. Money Is… Favorite lines, “I got a Ph.D in how to make ends meet, I graduated from the college in the street. Inflation in the nation don’t bother me, I’m a scholar when it comes to almighty dollar.” So, I pulled out my Visa, knowing that in life, I never loose, I only learn, paid the bill and later sent this card.

Go ahead and laugh it’s Monday and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then who can we laugh at? Oh and if you haven’t heard Money Is… I promise, you will enjoy this funky beat…..