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Monday’s Spotlight Dawn Hochsprung- A Hero to Remember

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and loved by many.; As I read the news about the courageous Menopausebarbee principle, Dawn Hochsprung, of Sandy Hook Elementary who charged the gunman in last Friday’s unthinkable tragedy, I along with the rest of the world continue to mourn.

So today, please take a moment to hug your mother, daughter, sister, friend and child and pray for the children and heroes as we remember…

Dawn Hochsprung, 47

Hochsprung became principal of Sandy Hook in recent years and by all
accounts, was devoted to the students and teachers at her school.

“When we had our orientation, you could tell she loved her job,” Brenda Lediski, a parent, told ABC News by phone.

Kristin Larson, a former PTA secretary, told the
Boston Globe that Hochsprung was “always enthusiastic, always smiling, always game to do anything.”

“When I saw her at the beginning of the school year, she was hugging everyone,” Larson said.

The terrifying moment Hochsprung came into contact with the gunman wereheard over the school intercom and may have saved lives.

It’s not clear whether the intercom was turned on purposefully to alert
the school’s staff to the menace or whether the intercom was on for
morning announcements.

Either way, it caught the initial moments of Adam Lanza’s lethal fury
and gave teachers and others life saving moments to lock their doors and
try to hide their children.