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I believe I first heard the riddle in Ms. Donelly’s 3rd grade classroom, “When is a door not a door?” Answer: “When it’s Ajar.”

As an eight year old, I couldn’t comprehend how a door could be a jar, however, I feigned laughter as Ms. Donelly thought it was brilliantly funny. Over the years, I have thought about this riddle often and have come to believe just as a door may be ajar, meaning a little open and not fully closed, our minds must remain the same.

As I have patiently sat and watched the scandal of V. Stiviano and L.A. Clippers owner unfold, I found myself screaming the door is closed, not ajar. There is simply no defense that this 31 year old half black, half Hispanic woman can challenge on behalf of her bigoted, billionaire boyfriend.

Perhaps Sterling missed the memo when he was taped berating Stiviano for broadcasting that she was associating with black people that she indeed herself was African American.

Below is my cousin, Eldridge Recasner’s interview – who played under Donald Sterling with the Clippers.