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Mermaids and Turtles!

Night before last, here in Port Ghalib, Egypt, I was thinking about why I’ve seen no women working here.

Last night, looking at a moon settled in a star dotted sky from my hotel room balcony, I was still thinking about Egypt, often considered the cradle of civilization, and her history. You just can’t help it, especially when you’re here.

The day was again, a good one.

In the early morning, the mermaids and staff enjoyed a morning catamaran ride into the Red Sea. Those of us not taking part in the filming of a short clip about respecting the ocean were boated over to shore. Here in Port Ghalib when they say that the waters are crystal clear, that is no joke: they are crystal clear. You will see amazing marine wildlife like, crocodilefish, octopuses and turtles.

Egypt has among the longest histories of any modern country, emerging as one of the world’s first nation states in the tenth millennium BC.


One of the gifts I have received thus far, was a tour into the mindset of the Egyptians from Jochen, a native German who had for a time, lived here for fourteen years. Jochen has a deep, deep understanding of the mentality and way of life of our Egyptian brothers and sisters. We discussed for example, that there is no government provided social security here; men marry young women who will give them babies who will grow up and go to work to take care of the parents. That is the social security system. We also discussed homosexuality. Here in this beautiful country, it is not only not illegal–it doesn’t exist. Openly anyway.The sexual mores are something to consider. Jochen told me about the time he watched the movie Shrek here. The entire scene where Shrek kissed Fiona was deleted from the film.


Anyway, back here at the Palace Port Ghalib hotel, last evening, the dinner guests in the Arabian inspired Olive restaurant were really in for a treat. Along with the evening’s culinary adventure (with excellent service I might add) beautifully made-up and coiffed mermaids were strategically placed on tables and hammocks to be voted by the dinner guests for the title of Miss Red Sea. Over four hundred votes were tallied and the title was given, but I must say that all these gorgeous gals are winners.

After dinner tonight, the talent show will take place. And after that, I will surely be on my room balcony, looking at the moon and the stars in the sky, deeply inhaling the air that others thousands of years before me have inhaled.

Because…this is Egypt!