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Menopausebarbees Said Yes to the Dress!

It was the 80’s and everything was BIG! Big Hair, Big Bouffant Gowns, and Big Blue Eyeshadow Makeup – the BIGGER the BETTER!

This month as we celebrate Moms, it’s also Prom season, where here in America it celebrates the end of the senior high school year with the biggest formal dance of the year. So, I was inspired to share a story about a certain dress. Full disclosure, you are welcome if not required to laugh with me. I am giving a BIG one up for the team in sharing, however, I am shameless.

As my Prom approached, I knew I had to bring it BIG! I had already been named best dressed by my graduating class at Blanchet High School. My boyfriend had worked all month at Jay Jacobs, a now defunct clothing store to save enough money to take me to Seattle’s most exclusive restaurant, Canlis. Daddy’s white Rolls Royce was polished, white wall tires gleamed and my BIG night on the town awaited, but what on earth was I to wear?

As my mother and I searched all the popular department stores, Frederick and Nelson, Nordstrom, and The Bon Marche, nothing compared to the custom gown Tracie had worn to her wedding. Her first nuptials had only lasted six months, and the white ruffled, mound of fabric was just collecting dust in a box, so I pleaded with her Tracie to help her little sister out and lend it to “The Community Closet.” Mom endorsed the idea. So, sure enough I would maintain my status as Best Dressed with this BIG,Bouffant,Ball Gown which I now call the “Safe Sex” dress because nothing was coming between me and all that material. Looking back, I look like I had a fight with the living room curtains and I won!

Tracie wore the dress one more time on a cruise and I think after that it was officially retired. But then again, Taryn has the Prom coming up in 2018, we may need to recycle it from retirement one more time…

Congrats to all you 2013 Graduates! Have fun at the Prom!