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Menopausebarbees and Black History Celebrate Auntie M

Each year as we celebrate February and Black History month, we Menopausebarbees are honored to shine light on some of the most succulent fruits from our family tree.  Today, in Flashback Friday, meet our Auntie Mardra Jay who in 1965 became the first black flight attendant Alaska Airlines would hire.  As my cousin, Hope, her daughter recently and so poignantly shared, Auntie M opened doors that left it wide open for others to follow.

As a former ballerina and the first retired African American flight attendant after 22 years of service for Alaska Airlines, Margie still has the grace as when she was on toe point and the people skills of her years of service.

Tracie and I took the opportunity to ask Auntie Margie what being an original menopausebarbee means to her…

I studied ballet for 16 years at Cornish and that is my passion. I think that is why I am so drawn to Pilates, which I now do  daily. At 76, I believe you should embrace your age and be proud about it and that God has blessed you with your health.

In 1964, I was working for the Washington Natural Gas company and affirmative action was busy during this time. At the urging of a friend flying for Northwest, I went to Alaska and was hired. I started flying for Alaska Airlines at age 21 and I was the first African American woman to be hired by Alaska. My first flight was my first time being airborne. My sister, your mother, Theresa, stood crying as the plane took off. A lady comforted her and asked when I would return and Theresa wailed, ‘tonight’.

On June 26, 1986, flight number 82 was my final run. I was astounded as I came off the jet way and all my co-workers lined the stream with the various outfits we had worn for the previous 22 years. Everything from the super mini’s, to the Gay 90’s with the long red velvet skirts, the tall fur Russian hats and the pencil skirts and pill box hats. It was my surprise retirement and all my friends and family were in attendance.

I like people and over the years, I have met some of the most fascinating and interesting individuals. I have always loved the excitement of flying.

On a flight in the early 80’s from Ketichan to Seattle, I met a passenger, named Christopher Jay who became my soul mate. We have three children who are all prospering and five beautiful grandchildren.

Through the years, I have been blessed to travel to India, Russia, Europe, Asia, The Holy Land and the Middle East. I have come to find
If you view life as if you are looking through the eyes of God, it is hard to have a negative view.
Each morning as I awake, I say this prayer, ‘Help me walk through this day as if I am looking through Your eyes.’

Tracie and I can attest, Auntie Margie walks the talk! She is as one of her favorite sayings… All the things that love can do!

Flashback Friday- Dana dressed in Auntie M’s uniform when Alaska Air flew to Russia circa 1970s.