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Menopausebarbee Spotlight on Ms Today

In the Menopausebarbee Spotlight today is a woman who has fascinated me, truly fascinated me ever since I was old enough to understand. Old enough to be so very thankful for. Old enough to have pity for. Old enough to be amazed by. Old enough to realize that I would not ever be able to imagine her horror.

She once said, “Character can not be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

How true.

After I gave birth to my son who was born with a two chambered heart instead of the normal four, I had to face down many challenges to keep him alive whileat the same time striving togive him the mental munitions to make him believe that he could move mountains. And I would think about this woman we’re celebrating in the Spotlight today; I would read and reread the articles about her life, become inspired time and again and think…you can do this Tracie.

I purposefully did not put her name in the Spotlight. It was really the only way, though minute it is, I could make us feel for just a nanosecond how it could possibly feel not to see something.

Imagine if you can, inhaling and exhaling in complete and utter darkness. You can not see. You can not hear. You can not speak.

It’s almost fathomless isn’t it?

Born a healthy baby in 1880 in Alabama, suddenly (probably due to scarlet fever or meningitis) she lost her abilities to hear and see at 19 months. She grew into a wild and unruly child and just before her parents would make the decision to send her to an asylum at the age of 7, they had the good fortune of meeting Anne Sullivan, the ‘teacher’ who would break through the barrier that separated Helen Keller from the rest of the world. Their relationship lasted 46 years.

Helen Keller’s accomplishments are nothing, just nothing short of remarkable. Graduating cum laude from Radcliff college at the age of 24, she went on to helping found the American Civil Liberties Union, and received countless honors including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964 and election to the Women’s Hall of Fame in 1965.

This woman was truly remarkable. A wonder. She is a powerful example of just how hard work and persistance can allow us triumph over tragedy.

Take a moment and read her biography. Treat yourself to some inspiration. You’ll be so engrossed, you won’t hear a pin drop.