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Menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight on our Mom!

Dazzling in the first Menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight of 2012 is someone we consider to be the one and only original doll.

Not only does she have a tremendous influence on Dana and me, she leaves an indelible mark on everyone lucky enough to make her acquaintance.

She is unshrinking and strong and has always been a fierce protector of her family. In fact, as I write this, I do not ever recall her being afraid of anything or anyone-not even Daddy. And when she loves you, she loves you like she means it.

Though she grew up in a house with too few bedrooms for too many children, this menopausebarbee carried herself with a noble bearing. Her inherent confident sense of style told you she knew where she was going-even if she didn’t. This quality, combined with her natural beauty, earned her the crown and title of Miss Seafair Queen of Seattle in 1950 and gave her the liberty to model professionally for 23 years.

Co building her real estate business with her husband while raising her family, this hard working woman defied the term ‘the weaker sex’. Never afraid to get down in the trenches, she nonetheless took the time to ensure her perfume suited the seasons, instinctively knowing that less is more. And there has never been a day when the aroma of whatever she had simmering on the stove did not make you downright giddy with glee to be home.

A woman of profound belief, come hell or high water she has always, but always, affirmed the hopeful. “Let go and let God” she says. Her positive way of thinking is shatterproof.

She knows what a Phalaenopsis is and the difference between cedar shake, mahogany and pinewoods.

Talking with Dana and me the other morning, she remarked about how interesting it is that God gave us all faces with the same basics like noses and eyes, yet how each one is so different.

This is her own personal take on being a menopausebarbee:

“Love God first and then yourself because only then can you love others; age is only a mindset; continue to read and keep your mind and body active and remember to take your vitamins.”

She will have achieved 80! years her next birthday.

She is our Mom, Theresa, our mentor and what Dani and I aspire to be when we grow up.