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Men Wear Art Thou Going Not Without Our Spotlight Kari Sims Baughn

As a Menopausebarbee, I am daily witnessing friends in transition. As our parents are aging, our children are growing up, some of are divorced or on second marriages, and career makeovers are a common occurrence.

I have talked to far too many of my forty and fifty something peers trying to ascertain the next act. I recall meeting with my dear friend, Annette Dresser at Tully’s Coffee house a few years back as she made the transition to a company called J. Hilburn. Little did I know, Annette would go on to consistently be named tops of this phenomenal men’s clothing line.

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love a well dressed man? I’m not talking Bierkenstocks with socks, or dad jeans, I’m talking the tailored classic rich fabrics and colors that calm not class.

Today’s Menopausebarbee Spotlight shines on another of my dear friends and Annette’s protege, Kari Sims Vaughn. In Kari’s own words, we are thrilled to share her story and hope that not only will she inspire other women looking for a career change, which offers excellent benefits of being your own boss, but also spread the word to keep the passion for men’s fashion strong! – Nashville Can You hear me?

So the back story for me is that I have over 20 years of experience dressing men. I graduated from design school with a textile degree in Los Angeles. My first job I started working for Donna Karan back in the 90s as her rep for California, AZ and Nevada. I often went to New York to work Bryant Park shows, view the new collections for both men and women and work market. When I moved to Nashville in 1996 I immediately worked as a independent menswear stylist and worked with several new and upcoming artist for several record labels. Through a friend I took a position with Brooks Brothers and really dug in to my classic training for menswear and its trappings. I have always loved dressing men and working with them. Menswear is very special, there are so many ways to mix prints, textures, and find a balance between classic and new current styles. As an independent menswear stylist once again I am enjoying my calling and love the creative aspect of helping my clients find their own personal style. I have decided to offer the J. Hilburn Line of made to measure menswear. This has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best fabrics out of Northern Italy and really dig deep into offering an amazing collection of men’s clothing for all types of body styles. I am now able to give a man the perfect fitted ensemble for his body and still keep cost at a minimum. Aside from styling I am also offering closet consultations, men’s lifestyle coaching which includes online dating profiles, grooming consultation, and home design for the guy who is just getting out there again.

As a men’s lifestyle consultant I have the ability to really help men find their confidence and style with convenience and practicality. I work really hard to make it easy for my clients to have the best experience without spending a fortune.

J.Hilburn is a custom clothier for men that offers custom shirts, cashmere sweaters, performance outerwear jackets, and trousers (pants). We offer the finest Italian fabrics for custom shirts and trousers.

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