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Man Cannot Live Without Music or Water…

Approximately five years ago, we were at the Montreux Jazz Festival as a segment for the taping of Quincy, which premieres on Netflix tonight was being filmed.  

I, along with my family was fortunate to attend a pre-screening in L.A. last week.

Watching the footage of all the tremendous musical genius minds gone too soon, such as Rod Temperton pictured with my family, Uncle Q’s words resonate, “We cannot live without music or water.”  As you watch the film, you will see legends such as Temperton who passed in 2016, and is credited with songs from my childhood – Heatwave, Boogie Nights, Always and Forever to Thriller, Off the Wall and Rock with You.

It is incomprehensible to imagine a life so full, so blessed, so creative.  From Ray Charles, Leslie Gore, Frank Sinatra to Emily Bear – Bebop to Hip Hop and Beyond!


With Emily and Andrea Bear

As a child, I recall climbing the steps to this 2 bedroom house in Seattle’s Central District where at one time my mom and her siblings shared. From that kitchen, Papa Jones taught us all  – “Once a task is begun, never leave it til it’s done.  Be the labor big or small, do it well or not at all.”


Thanks Papa Jones… Lesson learned.

And we will continue to teach  this for the next generation.

Congrats Rashida- Amazing Job!!!