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Mama’s Closet.. Deja Vu

Deja Vu!  Everything old is new again!

Growing up, I along with my two sisters coined the phrase, Community Closet.  When mama or one of us off-springs found an article of clothing too expensive to duplicate or a rare find, we claimed it was a part of the community.  Now this was long before Facebook and social media, so the chances of getting photographed in one of my siblings or mama’s outfits was not a concern.  Clothes sharing worked well until mama had to put a deadbolt on her closet as it became our go to shop before Fredrick & Nelson, Nordstrom or I Magnin.

Over the years, mama, a true style icon has shared these tips- good pieces are timeless, quality pieces last and everything comes back.  Now that mama is well into her 8th decade, she has seen bell bottoms, wrap dresses, mini skirts, shoulder pads and Hammer pants recycle over and again.

Last weekend, as I prepared for the Fred Hutch Cancer Gala, Seattle’s most elite annual fundraiser (which raised a record breaking $10,419,285!), I once again visited my mama’s closet.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and here I am adorning her vintage gown which she wore 25 years ago!  As I accepted compliments throughout the evening of party goers asking where I found this treasure, I smiled and proudly shared my secret- Mama’s Closet!  And as if I didn’t already know, mama does indeed know best.. Style, and quality are timeless.

This Thursday, I invite you to join us at Seattle’s finest consignment shop, Sell Your Sole 2121 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 for a gift drive for Treehouse.  Please bring any unwrapped gift for a Foster child to enjoy this season.  Starting at 6 pm, you will be treated to light bites, spirits, and DJ Craig King spinning your favorite hits.  Who knows… You might even walk away with a piece from mama’s closet!

Oh and I know… Mama wore it best!