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Make Your Mess Your Message

Admit it… Aren’t we all a mess? For far too many, our lives really look like our junk drawers.  Crammed with assorted pens, keys, miscellaneous notes, paper clips, stamps, scissors, nail files, tacks, notepads and cards all  jammed in tucked away.  We do a great job looking like we have it all together on the exterior which looks as pristine as any living room with even the couch pillows fluffed and perpendicular.

It takes a brave person to share their vulnerability, air their dirty laundry, and truly expose the hardship that life undeniably delivers.

This is why I was so beyond honored when my friend, Shari Leid asked me to write the foreword to her latest book, Make Your Mess Your Message  More Life Lessons From and For My Girlfriends. Shari’s personal life messages aren’t immediately apparent. (Her life looks pristine like my Livingroom).  But like Shari and the women featured in this book, their lives are a testament to the strength of human resilience.  These stories reflect real life and sometimes near death consequences.  They conquer the grit it takes to truly take whatever mess life serves and make it a message to help others navigate and thrive.

Real life stories because this is real life.

As I wrote the forward, we were in the midst of a Pandemic.  We saw family and friends die, watched marriages dissolve, and witnessed businesses which once thrived close.  People literally have been fighting for their lives and livelihoods.  I’ve learned no matter how great or small our messes may be, we all suffer.

I have known suffering.  I have lost loved ones. Been a product of divorce. Been divorced.  Been in financial duress. Faced health challenges.  In today’s social media world, it is easy to portray a life filled with only bliss.  It is a courageous individual who speak their truth, no matter how painful- and their courage allows others to relate and to see more clearly their own path out of the mess.

Bravo to Shari for creating this platform.  I can promise you when you read these stories, no matter what you are going through, you will not feel alone. And that is a powerful tool and reminder as Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote, “The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths.”

Order today on Amazon Make Your Mess Your Message: More Life Lessons From And For My Girlfriends (The Friendship Series): Leid, Shari: 9781954920118: Books