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Love Notes From The Other Side…

Honestly, how many of us have wondered what kind of messages our loved ones can or will leave us when theydie?

Our dadpassed away15 years ago, and Tracie and I call on him daily for strength, particularly when facing a challenging situation. Some days, I feel his presence more strongly than others. Willing me, prodding me, and giving me a good ol’ kick in the ass to get it right. I have always welcomed any sign from him as I believe his soul continues to be an active presence in my life.

Sometimes signs are more tangible as is the case that happened to my cousins in Portland, Oregon this week.

My uncle Nick was an amazing musician. He died a year ago in February after a tragic auto accident when his car skidded on ice turning his vehicle over a ravine. Being a musician, his words were his mantra and they were fitting, Life begins and ends with a heartbeat…

His life’s partner and best friend, my aunt Janet died in October after a short battle with cancer. Aunt Janet was all heart. She loved genuinely openly and deeply. She was witty, beautiful and just plain fun.Hysterically funny actually. As soon as Aunt Janet would call, the sound of her voice made me smile.

Janet and Nick- these two were a magical couple. To add to the mystery of their beings, Nick whose last name was Christmas was born on Christmas Day. Savor that for a moment- Nick Christmas born on Christmas day.

Nick and Janet Christmas left behind many grieving relatives, and friends,however, for this blog, I want to share the impact on their two daughters, my cousins Adrena and Nicole.

They say that having Faith is believing in what you cannot see. My cousins havedemonstrated through this tragedy of losing both parents suddenly and unexpectedly a courageous strength I can only imagine. Their faith is profound and unwavering. That is why in the midst of the West Coasts most significant snow storm since 1969, when my cousin Adrena arose in her Portland, Oregon home to find two hearts intertwined carved in the snow and her sister, Nicole 30 minutes across town awoke to the same hearts, we all knew this was a Love note from their parents.

As Nick, their father said… Life truly does begin and end with a heartbeat… and the beat goes on.