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Love… At What Cost? A Test for You!


Cartoon reads: “I suppose every girl dreams of someday getting a big divorce settlement.”

Watching the morning news, seeing anchor, Charlie Rose is now added to the growing list of potential sexual predators, I’m left to just shake my head. I call them predators, as the dictionary defines one as a person or group that exploits others. When these allegations come to light, I immediately find myself looking up the women in these deviant men’s lives. Not the accusers, but the predator’s lovers, wives, and girlfriends. Those now exposed to the public humiliation, shame, and not to mention sexually transmitted diseases.

The cartoon above, I found in Barrons. Yes, it’s funny, but at what cost?
Would Bill Cosby’s Camille, or Harvey Weinstein’s wife, Georgia Chapman, or Charlie Rose’s longtime companion, Amanda Burden, to borrow from her last name, choose this BURDEN?

When I counsel my 16 year old daughter on dating, I always joke I am parking her on the steps to the Medical Department of Harvard University so she can land a brilliant mind. But, as these allegations are coming to light with the likes of John Conyers, Congressman accused of paying a victim $27,000, to silence her, I’m thinking I might land her on the steps of a nunnery.

I recently attended a book reading, Winter’s Love, by Kay Oliver. The story is about two people who found love in the winter of their lives. As a Menopausebarbee, who can’t relate? I particularly enjoyed the workshop session of the reading, where we were assigned the task of Needs vs Wants with a budget of $10 and each trait varying between $1-$3.

What is your priority in a relationship? Wants come and go, but needs are must haves!
For time sake, pick 5… This is not a gender sensitive test- please weigh in!
Confident, Cook/Clean, Employed, Faithful, Funny, Good Listener, Good Lover, Groomed, Handsome, Integrity, Passport, Physically Fit, Spiritual, Romantic, Communicates, Smart, Swag, Tall, Wealthy, Well Dressed.