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Losing it All, Still finding your Glow- Spotlight on Jen Adair

As we close out the year on 2011 and count our blessings, this Menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight, we want to share with you a story about life and how in the blink of an eye, it can change as we know it.  Imagine, having it all and then… losing it.  This account is about picking up the pieces of the fragments that life often leaves and still finding your Glow.  This is not a “feel good” happy Christmas story, but it is a part of our reality and a reminder that each day is a gift, and that’s why we call it the present.

I met Jen last summer when I hosted a combined birthday and Girl’s Night out Party at my house.  Jen was the guest of Tracie and my dear friend, life-long friend, Valerie.  As we passed the microphone and the ladies shared everything from their entreprenurial aspirations to their search for a significant other, Jen’s story moved me. 

A beautiful young wife, mother and entreprenuer, here is
Jen Adair’s Story

Four years ago on Christmas Eve my 11 year old son lost his battle against cancer, died at home and left us heartbroken. I spent a year grieving him and thanked God each day that I had a strong and wonderfully loving husband to oversee our upset household and grieving children. I remember thinking nothing that bad could ever touch us again. It was just a short year later that I awoke on March 27th to a husband who was in the middle of a massive brain hemorrahge. That day was the last day I felt secure in every aspect of my life. I spent the next 6 weeks reading to him daily while he spent 6 weeks in a coma. I formed a circle of friends who helped me run my home and eventually my husband was sent to a nursing home where he would get intensive therapy. He spent the entire summer there and returned home eventually. I was up for the job. I took on the role of full time care and rented lifts to get him to the bathroom and the shower. I set up in home therapy and he got a little better. Eventually he was admitted to  6 weeks in patient therapy at the UW and I once again travelled daily to be with him. For two years I put our lives on hold, lost track of my kids things, couldn’t remember which day was volleyball practice or if they had finished their book reports. I didn’t work in the classroom, or go on anymore field trips while my youngest was in elementary school. I sold belongings and took jobs. Eventually, all though I thought it may kill me, I sold our family home and moved with the girls to a rental. I took a 5 month respite and put my man in assisted living. I took that time to start a business with a good friend and it’s been a thrill to grow something. Glo Seattle is one of the only mobile spray tan businesses in the Seattle area and I love to be a part of it. I have recently spent time in LA making my book proposal a reality and hopefully will get a book deal in the early part of 2012. Michael’s care takes lots of money, money that we are quickly running out of. I have humbled myself and given all of me to my family and our survival. I hope to touch others with my story and inspire women to be great, to believe in themselves and to know that adversity can make you better.
 I’m in a scary place and am working hard to prevent losing it all but a helping hand would be more than a blessing to us. 

For donations to Mike Adair’s care- please visit this website:

and to find your winter glo- visit Jen’s site:

Thank you for sharing your story Jen!  It takes a very brave individual to be transparant in the wake of such tragedies, and a reminder to us all to be grateful for all we have.  Here’s wishing you success in 2012!