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Lifers and Finding Me

This past Monday, I had dinner with some of my best lifers.  They truly are my family as I can’t recall my life before them, and I can’t imagine my life without them.

We met at Il Terrazo Carmines in Seattle.  My girl, Judi (she prefers Judith, but she will always be Judi to me) came bearing books Finding Me- by Viola Davis.  Judi is the daughter of my father’s very best friend, Steve. Like Daddy and Steve who grew up in Detroit from childhood, Judi and I have known each other all of our lives. We’ve gotten closer as we’ve gotten older as we lean on each other for guidance, advice, and of course a “what would our Daddys do?” iteration.

The occasion of our gathering was to celebrate twins Leslie and Laurie’s birthdays.  You will recognize them as the same twins who served us delicious soul cuisine from The Kingfish Cafe for twenty years.  Our history is a journey from high school, U of W, marriages, divorces, family members passing, and now watching as our offspring recycle, repeat and venture into their own lives.  We have truly been together or as I say “Married, Carried, Buried.”

The conversation flow as always was seamless.  We laughed and got sentimental at great memories of loved ones who have passed.  We caught up on our kids- medical school for Mariah, Lauren’s comedy and singing career launching, Alivia raising toddler twins, Brett getting married, Taryn turning 21, Dylan and Matthew thriving into manhood.  We discussed our divorces, my recent nuptials, and any potential “quality” dates for the two singles.  We reminisced over fifty years of togetherness.  Shamelessly sharing the truth of even the most embarrassing portions of our lives, because with friendship that long- you gotta be transparent.   We each have our own quirks, style, likes and dislikes- yet we are all so similar.

So, after the delicious bruschetta, asparagus soup, halibut and pasta, drowned by our preferred spirits of red or white wine and a lemon drop, we called it a night.

As we parted, Leslie and Laurie gathered their gifts including totes I had filled for each of them and again I looked at the Viola Davis books.  Finding Me- how poignant I thought- I always find me when I’m with my lifers.  Ain’t no friends or family like old friends- literally and figuratively.  Happy Birthday Leslie and Laurie!  Age ain’t nothin’ but a number-even if it’s a big one (lol) I love you!