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Let’s Remember the Reason for the Season!

O.K., I admit it… As I write this, I am overwhelmed, overconsumed, , over smiled, over shopped, over wined, overdined- Almost OVER Christmas!

Now, don’t get me wrong- I am one of the biggest Yuletide babies on the planet.  I put my tree up December 1 as I gotta enjoy it for the whole month!  I love the sights, smell, taste, lights and good feelings of the holidays.  But as I have just arrived from a two and one half hour drive from an overnighter with my mom, sister and daughter from Leavenworth, WA (I’ll blog about this trip later), I have rushed in the door to find yet a dozen more Christmas cards.  OOPS! I forgot to send them one, or I didn’t have their new address handy.  Rushing to the shower to get dressed to pop in for a dear old friend’s holiday cheer, then over to more family for Christmas dinner, time is cutting close. I still need to make a few exchanges, and get to Costco to finish shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, but that will wait til tomorrow. Somehow, I will find time to be in Church this weekend- as Mama reminded me on the 2.5 hour ride from Leavenworth, He is the reason for the season.

When Mama made the comment about Church, it made me think of my plan  to give my daughter a pack of batteries for Christmas with a note that says Toy not included! 
OK, I have a devilish sense of humor, but I won’t go that far.
I read this post a while ago and had to laugh out loud.  It got me to thinking how our kids are over gifted, over demanding and over indulged.

I would love to dress up as Mrs.Claus and really listen to all the children’s ridiculous requests on year.   This morning, in Leavenworth, my daughter, Taryn and I were in line to go Tubbing and a little girl  in front of us told us that the Santa she saw last year was a bad, bad Santa because he didn’t bring her one thing on her list.  “Hmmm”, I asked, thoroughly enjoying this exchange, “what did you ask Santa for, honey?”
Without missing a beat, she pulled her snow filled glove off and peeled back her chubby little 8 year old finger and rattled off -an underwater video camera, an I Pad and a I Phone.  I explained that Santa was on a budget too and that the economy was in a recession and those were very pricey items.  This did little to satisfy her disappointment.  I think someone needs to remind her as my Mama reminded me – He is the Reason for the Season!

Merry Christmas Everyone and most of all to ALL a GOODNIGHT!