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Labor Day Heirlooms

In 1894, Congress made Labor Day a national holiday, to be celebrated annually on the first Monday in September.

Did you know, that according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the government even told citizens how to celebrate it?

street parade to exhibit to the public ‘the strength and esprit de
corps of the trade and labor organizations’ of the community, followed
by a festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their

Now with that in mind, while many of us celebrate tomorrow with barbecues and get togethers and revel in having “Monday off!” let us keep in mind those of us who will have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, as well as the following week and unfortunately the unforeseable future.

This job drought is especially frightening because of how it has the ability to change our perspective-employer and employee alike. You don’t have to participate in the rituals of a special denomination to say the following prayer:

Let us really, really hope that our attempts to reenter the folds of employment are no longer (or will not be) met by companies that shun hiring us- especially us long-term unemployed, out of fear that our skills have eroded or because there is a false belief that our talents are no longer up to par. And let us not let joblessness suck us so deep into a rut that we can not find the wherewithall to get up one more time and try again.

My father used to come into my bedroom when I was a kid, wake me at the crack of dawn and say, “Come on now. It’s time to get up and get on it. It ain’t no givin’ in and no givin’ out.” I had to clean yards and apartments on the rental properties he and my mother were slowly acquiring. I was tired but I got the hell up. Had to earn and respect my keep. I don’t know if he was aware that he was also giving me the mental munitions I would need to survive in this world. Heirlooms.

And in those days prior to this time, when he and Mama were deep in the struggle and couldn’t even afford hotdogs, he’d go and wash windows for strangers in Seattle’s wealthier neighborhoods and when he finished he’d give the owners of the residence a bill. Of course they’d say that they hadn’t hired his services, but their windows were clean…and so they paid.

Things haven’t changed in the 50 some odd years since then. They haven’t changed in the sense that for most of us, there is still an overwhelming need-demand to be creative to survive.

To say this is a tough economy is an understatement–a problem of mammoth proportion. Obviously we are having a difficult time finding a general cure. The only condolence/consolence, if one can refer to it in this way, is that we are all in this together.We’ve got to respect and encourage and lift each other up. If me sharing one of my Family Heirlooms will inspire you to help yourself and someone else, then I can turn off my laptop. Please pay it forward.

Have fun today. I hope the weather cooperates.

If you see a lemonade stand–buy a glass or two. We must support each other in every way we can. We are in this together, we really are.

“It ain’t no givin’ in and no givin’ out.”