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Kshama Control

Dear Kshama,

I had difficulty sleeping last night and when I finally awoke, I was still in the mind boggling nightmare of what you have done to this city. This city, my birth home which I have resided in, loved and proudly worked in for over five decades. This picturesque landscape once heralded as The Emerald City is no longer the land of Oz since you showed up.

I find this ironic that I am writing this letter in February. A month that as an African American woman, I am honored to celebrate Black History month and our journey.

When I look at your politics, your practices truly take us back to a time when my parent’s and forefather’s had to fight for our rights. My father heralded from Detroit, Michigan in the 1950’s where he and my mother started investing in Central Seattle Real Estate. This was no easy feat for a black family without resources.

We fought the fight. We fought the hard fight putting pickets on banks to get funding on redlined areas. We worked with the Community Reinvestment Act to allow financing for all minorities. We fought so we could work hard and create a living and educate our children and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We fought and successfully housed families from all demographics for the past 65 years. I, as a second generation landlord carried the torch and now I am passing it to my 26 year old son, Brett who is actively working with the 23rd and Union Project to secure minority owned and operated businesses.

My father, Gerald Frank has been gone 24 years and when I ask myself what would he say about you, Kshama Sawant and The Council’s decision to ban Winter Evictions for non paying renters, I know he would FIGHT. So as I carry the torch, I will FIGHT to take back our city.

The lies and propaganda you are dispensing to unknowledgeable people must cease. This proposal is designed for disaster. Right now, our apartment rental company boasts a 95% occupancy rate. We have many long term residents, some who have resided in our buildings for decades. If residents are legally given a moratorium or a pass on paying rent during winter, landlords will lack necessary funds to maintain their property, thus their rentals will become substandard. In addition to repairs, Landlords will become delinquent on their mortgage, taxes, and utilities. Residents will eventually get evicted and increase the number of homeless on our already polluted streets as profiled by 60 Minutes. This is a colossal failure for all and I fear what the landscape of our once beautiful city will become. Landlords will tighten screening approval on applicants, increase security deposits, and charge first and last month’s rent making it a true hardship to get a place.

I’m tired of the lies that you perpetuate over big business being vultures here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m calling for this community to stand with me and FIGHT and expose you. How much of your salary are you donating to the homeless and this moratorium cause? We want to know! Why don’t you allow some of the last, the least and the lost to move in your Leschi home? Stop putting all the burden and blame on Landlords. You talk about Rent Control which will only deplete the current housing shortage – no we need Kshama Control. In addition to February being Black history month, it is Heart Month. So have a heart and tell me, who is gonna pay for evictions like this photo below? This was one of our properties after a hoarder moved out.

Same unit after cleanup

Please share and fight with me. This is our city – enough is enough!

Send to your councilmembers Lisa Herbold, Tammy J Morales, Kshama Sawant, Alex Pedersen, Debora Juarez, Dan Strauss, Andrew J Lewis, Teresa Mosqueda, Lorena Gonzalez.


Dana Frank

Let’s Fight!