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Just Like Animals…The Voice In Search of Rock Stars!

Patti and I continue our post this week covering our personal celeb favorites of real Rock Stars that make a difference! As we prepare for our big reveal this week, we hope you will check out our social media platforms October 18!


Last week, we profiled, Siedah Garrett and Seattle’s own Macklemore.

Today’s spotlight, brings us to the Jungle. My partner in fun, Patti Savoy soon will embark back to Africa for her 10th excursion. There she will safari to once again pay witness to her beloved Big Cats, including leopards, lions, and cheetahs.

I was moved by the plight of Tigers as I was educated as part of Jungle Party, a team that Patti assembled to bring awareness to shed light on the remaining 3200 left in the wild. At our 2015 event, we raised a record breaking 2.2 million for this worthy cause.

jungle carpet2

Patti has informed me that there are no Tigers in Africa. But where she found one was on the arm of today’s Rock Star, Adam Levine.

In addition to the mega vocal pipes as lead singer of Maroon Five, Patti, (friends Deborah Adams and Fredda Goldfarb) and I attended a taping of The Voice where Adam is a judge on the popular singer competition show.

When Patti met Adam after his performance in Vegas, she presented him with a 10 for Tigers Bracelet, she commissioned. She told him the raw facts that there are less than 3200 Tigers in the Wild. He smiled, showed his arm, and replied 3201!

adam tiger

patti and adam1

Today we salute Adam, just like Animals- we demand the poaching to stop!
Thank you Adam for using your platform to support these beautiful and majestic creatures with your voice.*J*P15PRO1u7kqNcKSzLD%21vWdfcaOkrAVGFpApsWk%21%21010DNTgt9Sr4w%21Dw0Pci5ma*zlZH&PC=DCTS