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Jingle Bells!

I haven’t spoken to my sister/co-blogger yet, but I’m hoping to hear that her charity event for Treehouse was a massive success. As for this very second on this side of the pond …

They’re back!

Every year, the wonderful city of Cologne is touched by the magic of her Christmas markets.And this year they’re as dazzling as ever!

Millions of visitors from around the world come to experience and enjoy these winter wonderlands. And you can believe that it’s not just the eyes of the children that light up at the decorations, the arts and crafts, and the aromas of gingerbread, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, huge vats of fried mushrooms and other sweet and savory delights.

It took every last ounce of strength in me not to indulge in a Reibekuchen (potato pancake) last night. This dish commonly eaten during this time of year and a big hit at the markets, is a mixture of grated potato, flour, egg and seasonings which is formed into a miniature cake then deep fried and often is served with applesauce. It’s greasylicious!

There are 7 main Christmas Markets here in the city. Opened this year on the 25th of November, they will remain open until the 23rd of December.

The market at the Cologne Cathedral has been voted the most beautiful in Europe thanks no doubt to the magnificent backdrop of the glorious Cologne Cathedral.When the sun goes down and the sky darkens, it is indeed a sight to behold.

All of the markets create an ambiencethat make me feel like I’m experiencing it all for the first time and lucky me, I can walk to all of them from my apartment. And double lucky me because I don’t need my crutches anymore!

The markets are back and I am too!

Jingle Bells!

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