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Lunch!… with Governor Jeb Bush

My fiancé’s company hosted Governor Jeb Bush as keynote speaker at their annual Music City Symposium yesterday in Nashville.  Just five of us shared a lunch table with Governor Bush prior to him taking the stage.  I was eager to hear insights on the current crisis and hot topics facing America, shared by this former Governor, Presidential candidate, brother and son of former Presidents.

As a child, my dad called me Louella Parsons, who was an American movie columnist and screenwriter who at her peak, her columns were read by 20 million people in 400 newspapers.  I have always had an intense curiosity and I would  interview anyone I came in contact with to hear the what, when, where and why of a person.  Governor Bush was no exception.

As my fiancé and the other senior housing execs discussed politics, I leaned in, “Governor Bush, how did you meet your wife?”  One could see the sentimental emotion such a simple question stirred as he replied he was 17, a senior in high school and they met in her country, married when he was 21, and  Columba was 20. They have been together steadfast to this day as he just celebrated his 65th year.  Knowing that he is from Texas and his wife Columba was born in Leon, Mexico, of course, I as well as the attendees in the ball room were eager to hear his take on the Immigration no tolerance ruling. So I simply asked if he would be addressing this emotionally debilitating topic and he said yes, so I continued and inquired about his own children.  He has three – 2 sons and a daughter.  My inquest on the border issue was partially answered as he spoke lovingly about his grand daughter Georgia Helena Walker Bush.  He shared that when she comes of age and the census asked for her nationality that she will mark N/A as it won’t matter that she is part Mexican, Texan (he claims that’s a nationality) lol, Iraqi and Canadian.  He called her a quadra-hyphenated American.  Bottom line, he continued, we are all American.  After more  discussions about his work – he owns a Temp Labor company, we discussed his failed attempt to buy a minor league Baseball team, and I shared my history at The Newark Bears as Chief Marketing Officer.  It was very apparent baseball is a passion.  He talked about his brother, former President George Bush, now taking painting courses, waiting for his “inner Rembrandt” to appear, how his father is doing, the passing of his beloved mother and life in Florida.

No matter what political party  you identify with, I believe we can all agree on some of his poignant philosophies.

The essence of America and what we should concentrate on is what unites us, not divides us.

Governor Bush recalled the 1960’s were a turbulent time in our history with racial strife and the Vietnam War, but we united together behind one common purpose and we survived and continue to fight injustices to this day.

Our Social Security system was founded at a time when life expectancy was lower than today’s retirement age. We face significant challenges when 401K retirement on  average equates to an additional $8,000 per year.

The bottom line result is Lower Income, Lower Savings, LONGER LIFE spans.

We must stand up and say when we see or hear wrong.  If you vote for a politician and his words or actions don’t align with your beliefs, SPEAK UP!  Its hypocritical to cast disparaging remarks on your opponent, and keep silent when they are on your team.  Our politicians must be held to a higher standard.

Get out of your comfort zone and be a curator of laws.

Contrary to Cable News, legal and illegal immigrants commit less crimes than native born Americans.

The words that resonated most was that it is SHAMEFUL and not of AMERICAN VALUES to separate babies from their mothers.

For a complete rewind of Governor Jeb Bush’s Immigration analysis,