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It’s a Blue Day

LAST WEEK was a ghoulish week to say the least.


Today is a new day.

The sky is blue.

The sea is blue.

The House is blue.

The Senate is blue due to the fact that Democrats won both seats  Georgia. With the partisan balance in the Senate being tied for the first time since 2001, Vice President-elect Harris’s tie-breaking vote will give Democrats control of the Senate after the new administration takes office. And it is the first time EVER that Georgia has elected a black senator–Reverend Rafael Warnock AND the first time the previous red state has elected a Jewish person to represent the state of Georgia, namely Jon Ossoff.

Crestfallen since the deadly violation of the U.S. Capital last Wednesday, I haven’t really had the umpfh to raise the roof, see the blue and jubilate this groundbreaking grand slam.

THE major player behind all of this has written eight romance novels, a best-selling spy novel; by the age of 30 she was an entrepreneurial millionaire and by 35, was the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia. Her efforts, pure efforts, on voter registration and turnout in the state also made Joe Biden the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in almost three decades. Mr. President-elect told her: “Nobody, nobody in America has done more for the right to vote. You are changing Georgia. You have changed America.” 

It doesn’t really get too much more badass than that.

During her time as the Democratic leader of the Georgia house of representatives, she helped register thousands of voters with her voter registration nonprofit New Georgia Project and Fair Fight which has combated voter suppression efforts in the state and also trains people on protecting the vote in battleground states– such as voter roll purging. She has also worked to increase minority voter participation, tripling the Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander turn out in 2018. Alone she registered more than 200,000 voters and over the last six years she and her team have helped educate and register register more than 800,000

Black voter turn out in Georgia during the 2020 election likely broke records.

She wants the right to vote for ALL Americans. “Why would we want to limit our access to democracy?” she asks. She wants to ensure that every “underserved community is seen, that we can recover from this pandemic by fixing the structural inequities that have ravaged communities of color and poor communities in our country.”

Because she is giving everything she’s got for liberty and justice for all in America, Stacey Abrams is downright bedazzling in the menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight. Chapeau Ms. Abrams.

I see blue skies…