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It Felt So, So Good

This picture is of Silvana and her daughter Letiziza. Letiziza was was just 15 days old as I got the opportunity meet her and her mother. 

Some days during my morning prayer, I ask God to put me in a situation where I can do something for someone else that day. Last Saturday was one of those  days, as I volunteered to serve coffee and sweets to the parents whose babies were admitted to the children’s cardiology station at the University Clinic of Cologne. 

Maria, who assisted me brought a sumptuous home-made cake and macaroons and cookies. I brought along two bags of miniature cupcakes. We set the dining room up with juices, coffee carafes, water, plates and stemware.

Many of the families were unfortunately in the intensive station with their children, so after a time, Maria decided to take come of our sweets to them and I had the good fortune of having the time of getting to know Silvana  and her baby Letiziza. Letiziza was was just 15 days old as I got the opportunity meet her and her mother. A gorgeous baby!

Silvana is half Brazilian and half Spanish. Her German is still quite not there yet but she’s working on it! She could speak enough to me to make me understand that during her fifth month of pregnancy, the doctors told her that she could opt for an abortion: Latizia they told her, had a difficult heart disease to treat–the left side of her heart had not nearly developed to the size of her right chamber and, unfortunately she would also be mongoloid. Well, Mongoloid is a term that used to be equated with idiocy and is actually insulting (in reference to the genetic defect causing mental retardation (mongolism), 1899, from Mongoloid. Mongoloid is an old slang–outdated–and today…is an offensive reference to a person who has Down syndrome. The short answer after that is that it came from the similarity of facial features between people of Mongolia (slanted eyes) and people who have Down syndrome. It is not a word to be used in reference to people who have Down syndrome–so called for facial appearance.

In any event, Silvana didn’t know what Mongolism is. Together, she and her husband who is German scoured the internet and could communicate with the doctors and decided that their daughter may have Down Syndrome, but that she is also a fighter! When I gently touched her finger, I silently asked God to let her grow to be a lovely young lady who would, after thanking God for all her blessings, ask Him what she could do for someone that day.

And it felt so, so good…


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