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Impatient Optimists

This past weekend, I played tour guide for my fiancé’s company visiting from Nashville, Tenn.  As I considered all our beautiful city has to boast about, including Pike Market, Chihuly Glass and Gardens, one important destination was the Gates Foundation Discovery Center.  The sign at the entry said it all:

I was humbled and chagrined that I had not taken the time to visit this treasure in my own back yard.  The works the Gates Foundation has done to eradicate Polio and diseases I had never heard of such as Guinea Worms left me curious and inspired indeed.

But the sign I stared at over and again said,  “We are impatient optimist.”  That resonated and so today, I want to optimistically ask you to support my friend, Shal Foster on her climb to fight cancer.  Please read below and remember, whether you are working globally or locally – let’ s work together and make a change!

“I can’t sing but I’ve got soul
The goal is elevation”
U2 / Elevation
As you probably all know, I spend nearly all of my time at sea level, so this year I’m shooting for some elevation! 19,341 feet to be exact… back to Tanzania in September, but this time to the SUMMIT of Kilimanjaro. Oh my gosh. I’m terrified, thrilled AND motivated!
You’ll all think that this is some crazy new year’s resolution, but, after a conversation with two of my besties, we decided to up our game and raise nearly $40,000 for Fred Hutch by marching up this magnificent mountain.
This is more than a resolution, this is a game changer for so many people battling cancer. Like many of you, we know and have watched people we love affected by this terrible disease. I would be very grateful for your support and consideration of a donation to this amazing place that is right here in our backyard!
Your donation to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center supports critical life-saving research. In past years they’ve funded T-Cell therapy and the breast cancer vaccine.
If you’d like to make a donation, please click on the GREEN button on the left side that says, “Donate to Shal in 2018.” Thank you so very much!  Shal Foster