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I’m Talking to You!

Oftentimes these days, I think that when God is looking down at us, He (She) is either laughing or crying.

I’ve often thought this, but especially now, it is fascinating to see how the big CV–an enemy we cannot see– is triggering such varying human responses.

The Coronavirus is fortunately, bringing out some of the best–I mean the absolute top drawer in some of us. Sadly, it is also bringing out some of the worst–I mean the downright scandalous in a considerable number of us. And incredibly, an extraordinary number of the real cretins in us – those that seem to be walking around in a state of dumbassdom.

We can all thank God (or whoever/what you believe in) for the HEROIC doctors and nurses, working elongated shifts without sufficient personal protective equipment, putting themselves in harm’s way–several in fact losing their lives in order to save ours. 

We are reaching out to those most vulnerable to this disease and we are checking on our neighbors and friends and most importantly, the elderly. If you’re not doing this–do it. Make sure you ask your elderly neighbor if they have enough meds and basics. 

We’re offering up happy online with concerts and virtual tours of all sorts and exercise programs–all good things. We’re patronizing our local businesses that are still open, washing out hands, sanitizing and STAYING HOME if we have that luxury during this pandemic–aren’t we? So is it.

But–what would life be without scandal? Surely you’ve seen the fist-fighting in grocery stores over toilet paper. The hoarding. The price gouging. And then, of course,  the shocking revelation that those who surely have toilet paper to spare–namely several senators–have sold their stock holdings after being briefed about the coronavirus and the massive impact it would have on the economy, jobs, and the stock market–while telling the public that there wasn’t much to worry about. Imagine that? They bailed out of their stock holdings to avoid large losses. One of these “people for the people” invested her money in companies that offer teleconferencing software–that same software which is helping people working from home today. Didn’t Martha Stewart go to prison for a similar deed? 

Also sitting at the round table are those walking in a state of dumbassdom–you know, the partiers on the beaches, those who don’t practice the safeguards and the rules of the mitigation strategies set in place and the select few having corona parties. Also in the mix are those reviving racist and xenophobic rhetoric. I’ve even read on some Facebook accounts of a few aggrieved folks in Germany disgruntled about the forced safeguard of staying at home. Their complaint: “This is not the DDR”, they say. 

Oh well…

Conclusion: every day that we practice basic common sense and decency is a day that brings us closer to the promised land. It is on the horizon. #aintnogivinupandnogivinout