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I’m So Leschi…Remembering Steve Shulman

A few years ago, it was trendy to say, “I’m so Seattle,” I remember and fill in the blank that only true Seattleites would know. Well, I’m so Leschi, (a neighborhood that abuts Lake Washington in Seattle) that I have spent my entire life in this community. I’m so Leschi, I remember at 16 years old driving to Keith’s Leschi Shell Gas Station getting a fill up and heading into Leschi Mart to grab a sandwich from their takeout window. I’m so Leschi, I remember loading up backpacks from the Mart with a gaggle of teenagers heading to Seafair for the boat races. The Leschi Mart family owned and operated market has been an extension of my own family for many, many years. It’s where we order our turkey on Thanksgiving. Countless Friday nights, we would call 206 322-0700 ask for meat department and Steve would have our Prime Rib sandwiches ready to go. He knew we prefered our meat well done, so we always got the end pieces. We would get the best cuts of thick, smoked bacon. While I waited at the counter, Steve would slip me a xxx hot sausage. The sausage was so delectable, even though it cleared my sinus and left me with tears running down my cheeks, I craved more. When I needed boxes for storage, I’d call and Steve would meet me at the back door and load my SUV. Through the years the wine selection morphed into a premium collection. Steve would educate me on blends and pairings. When we have had graduations, birthdays, and memorials, Steve would sell me cases of wine and take back any left overs. Steve generously donated to my children’s school auctions. We engaged on my weekly stops in the store, where I would sign away my monthly charges at the register check out and Steve would inquire about the family. He was genuinely interested in how everyone from my sister, Tracie in Germany to my mom, uncles, aunts and kids were doing. We mourned the loss of Robert, everyone’s favorite neighborhood butcher as well as Leonard, the visionary and founder of this neighborhood gem. So, imagine my dismay when I, as routine drove up to grab a few necessities and was informed the store was closed due to Covid-19 cleaning. It didn’t register that our beloved Steve was the “employee” infected. Last night, I couldn’t sleep after I heard the news that Steve had succumbed to this disease. People are saying it hit close to home. For me, this isn’t close to home, IT IS HOME. I’m so very proud of Yousef Shulman, who I have watched since birth become the leader and visionary of this family legacy. Yousef, I’m grateful for you and the memories I have of your uncle Steve will always be a part of my DNA, because I’m truly so Leschi. Leschi Mart is open again… Please support and let’s not any of us take a day for granted. We are in this together. Prayers to the family and all of us.