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I’m Knot, Not, Naught that Kind of Girl!

I’m just KNOT that kind of girl…

O.K., I admit it, I love play on words, however, in this case it’s a fact. I’m just Not, Knot, Naught- any way you spell it THAT KIND OF GIRL.

I’ve read the books, I attended a kick off party, and I saw the movie. I’ve reviewed the controversy and I’m KNOT going to be gagged and NOT express my discontent.

Of course, I’m talking about the 100 million copy, best seller, sexual exploitive series 50 Shades of Grey.
Released last weekend, this film of the highly successful novel by E.L. James, tells the steamy story of young, attractive billionaire Christian Grey and the young woman he sexually dominates, Anastasia Steele.

When I was first introduced to the series, I loved the title, because growing up, my daddy always enforced that life was not about the black and white… but the gray area that mattered. He always taught my siblings and I not to judge others. We didn’t know a person’s journey and circumstances and life didn’t always reason in simple terms of black or white. So I consider myself to have a high tolerance for “whatever floats your boat.” As long as it’s not illegal, immoral, or fattening, personally, I’m pretty cool with things. By the same token, I have a massive melting pot of friends, and if you cooked all the ingredients of their beings down, you would find doctors to drug addicts, athletes to anorexics, and saved Christians to scoundrels.

I attended the 50 Shades of Grey Soiree because first and foremost, I love a party and secondly, I was curious about the hype.

Now for those of you who know me well, my nickname is Sister Mary Sanitary, Jr. I was named after my mother, Sister Mary Sanitary Sr. So, when I walked into the packed Freemont Studios and saw the set up of Ana and Mr. Grey wanna bees, adult toys, including chains, whips, and blind folds, I knew, I immediately knew, I had entered a zone I should NOT, Knot, Naught be in! I watched horrified as the young “Ana” was hung from a ceiling chain, left defenseless at the complete control and discretion of “Mr. Grey”.

I tried to keep an open mind, however, sorry daddy, there was no room for a gray or grey area. If a man disrespected me, my daughter, sister, mother or friend with beatings, submission, physical restraint, domination and abuse, I can promise you, he would see 50 shades indeed – of BLACK – as in black out!

Last week I blogged and shared the film, The Long Night, by film director Tim Matsui (Shredding Light on the Darkness of the Long Night February 11 I shudder to think that with films such as 50 Shades of Grey, we will continue to perpetuate to the next generation that degradation of any form is acceptable.
Hear me clear- It is KNOT.