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I Love Lou…

As a follow up to yesterday’s heart warming post that my sister shared “No, I love me”, I was inspired to share that I love Lou-yep my Louboutins!

Last evening, as a group of us assembled at the Columbia Tower to hear John B. Goodman and everyday inspirations from a Soulful CEO, the biggest take away was that we are ALL on a journey for JOY.

The book is entitled, The Road to Self and as I introduced John, I started thinking of my own road to self.

As a Menopausebarbee, I have been on too many roads to count.  The road to Marriage, motherhood, parenting, entrepreneurship, loss of loved ones, divorce, and now one of the biggest journeys to self.

John shared that “There comes a time to let go and rewrite the script.  Sometimes that isn’t easy because hanging on to the familiar seems safer than venturing into the unknown.”

There have been too many days, when I have thought to myself, “Damn!  That wasn’t the plan.”  But, I also find that re-writing the script, as John shared “Trust that life is unfolding just as it is meant at any given moment.”

My business card reads EVERY VENTURE IS AN ADVENTURE.  And this I know for sure, no one walks in my shoes, but my Louboutins will get me exactly where I am supposed to be.