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How Sweet It Is! Happy Birthday Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker

In honor of his birthday, I am retelling the story of the night he turned the city of Cologne chocolate!

How Sweet it Is!

So…about last Monday night.

This wasn’t just any ol’ Monday night in Cologne, Germany. It was THE Monday night–the sweetest Monday night of the year: the annual and this year twentieth anniversary of the “Lambertz Monday Night”.

The brainchild of Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, this spectacular evening was indeed, a night to remember. Dr. Bühlbecker is the proprietor of the Lambertz Group established in 1688. Yes, 1688! With a staff of over 3500, Lambertz is the oldest chocolate factory in Germany and is the world market leader in seasonal and Christmas cookies and chocolates.

In Germany, they say that the “eyes eat too” and I can promise you that a visit to the Lambertz website and eyeing the vast array of delicacies they produce will have your mouth smiling and watering. For my English speaking friends the web address is

Premium ingredients and traditional recipes have no doubt ensured that these chocolates, cakes, cookies and pralines, have made this company a leading producer of a treasure trove of sweet delights for hundreds of years. But the vision of Dr. Bühlbecker, who holds the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany, takes this art of couverture to a whole new level with…haute couture.

An array of people, maybe 700? 800? from politics, show business and the sports world gathered to meet and greet and see a spectacular show of 40 models dressed in chocolate outfits in an extravagant fashion show; there were dancers who danced! Singers who sang! (Shout out to girlfriend Pamela Falcon!) And magic filled the room when sorcerer Hans Klok took to the stage and magically made actress Pamela Anderson appear. Even the sultry burlesque dancer Dita von Teese and actress Andie MacDowell were spellbound. And the buffet stations with savory everythings and the drinks of your choice flowed all night without interruption–I left at two A.M. and the revelers were still revelling.

I’ve shared just a few pics here–but take a look at some of the amazing pictures my friends the photographer journalists Svetlana Schuster: Lambertz Monday Night 2018; Ali Rahn: and Paul Schuette from Koeln-Deluxe all shared on Facebook.

And while you do that, I’m going to indulge in a few coconuts chips, a couple cookies and just in case I chip a nail while eating I’ll mend it with the SOS kit for broken nails–just a few of the treats in the goody bag. And just in case I can’t resist further temptation, I’ll think about using the 3 month gift certificate for training at a McFit studio–also in the goody bag.

How sweet it is… We can have our cake and eat it too!

Thank you Dr. Buhlbecker! What a night!
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