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Housing Providers (Brett Frank Looney) on the Pandemic and Crisis

This month as we continue to post about Black History, today I am sharing an interview my son and partner, Brett Frank-Looney did on KUOW The Record this past week.  Listen to the link below as Brett discusses the effects of the Pandemic on Housing Providers. He does so  with compassion, insights, and foresights, and revelations about the impact of the City Council and new restrictive rulings such as moratoriums on evictions, and the effects that non-payers also known as bad actors who have means to pay, but electively choose not to  have on our “mom and pop” business.  This business  which Brett’s grandparents, Gerald and Theresa Frank, as Black trailblazers started 70 years ago, with zero means, and fought redlining, improper lending practices, and sweat equity has been my life’s work , and is now a third generation  legacy.  With a strong work ethic, and knowledge instilled by his grandparents, despite the hardships, with local politics, and Seattle’s drug, unsheltered population and lack of leadership, I’m proud of my son for speaking up and carrying the torch.

“My job is to provide quality and affordable housing.  I’m not in the business of evicting residents.  I work with each of my residents on a case by case basis. We are all in this together.” Brett Frank-Looney


  Building named after Gerald Frank in Seattle’s historic Central District.


Housing Providers on pandemic housing crisis

Housing providers and their residents are still trying to figure out how to balance a lack of work and aid with the costs of rent and mortgages. Bill Radke spoke with two local housing providers, Brett Frank-Looney and Morris Groberman, about how they are dealing with tenants who can’t make rent and the support they need.


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