... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Home for Christmas

I left the the Heinzelmänchen and the fairy tale land of the Cologne Christmas Markets on Sunday to be with my family for the holidays.

Having been in transit about 16 hours, I was needless to say happy to have reached my final destination when I arrived.

Before I’d reached the bottom of the escalator heading towards the baggage claim area I saw my niece, (nicknamed Mädchen, meaning ‘little girl’ in German ), grinning at me with outstretched arms as only the prettiest girl in the world can do. I hopped off the escalator into her arms, amazed at how tall she’d grown just since May.

We headed over to the baggage carousel where I saw Mama eyeing the suitcases tumbling onto the turnstile. I called out “Don’t you dare even think about lifting a bag Mama!” She spun around and with outstretched arms, grinned at me the way only the prettiest girl in the world can do, first generation.

We three tussled over who would steer/carry/pull my three suitcases to the car where Dani had conveniently double parked right outside the airport terminal doors. My baby sister was, surprise! on the telephone, so she didn’t see me as I opened the passenger side of the door. “Get off the phone!” I said. She screamed and we hugged and kissed like only sisters do.

Driving the roughly 20 or so minutes home from the airport, we talked non stop. It didn’t get quiet until we reached home and the gates swung open to the house gloriously alit with Christmas lights. Breathtakingly beautiful.

We fought again over who would steer/carry/pull. Once inside, Madchen ran off to the bathroom and Mom and Dana set all our bags aside and huddled into a hug, our arms around each other, cheek to cheek, squeezing each other tight. And as we always do, we said, “Thank you Jesus.”

I am once again, Home for Christmas…

©2012 Tracie Frank Mayer