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Holding the Bible in One hand and the Devil’s in the Other

I just have to address this. 

This incident took place at the Greater Grace temple Church, Detroit Michigan during the ceremony to celebrate the home going and the life of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. 

For all the details and to view this event you all know where to go. I just have one question and before I get to it, I have to lay it on the table that some people thought that Ariane Grande’s black dress was too short or that she needed a choir robe cover up or whatever. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion. But everyone does NOT have the right to grope another person-period, and that is exactly what Bishop Charles H. Ellis III did to this young woman. There are videos about this all over the net. This is beyond abhorrent.

Do I need a penis to understand this behavior?

What say ye my brethren?