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Hey Y’all!

For y’all who don’t know, Nashville, Tennessee is the Country Music Capital of the world and the top destination for country music fans. It is also home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the world famous Grand Ole Opry. It is a city of lights and action. Music is everywhere and that’s why it’s also known as music city. I even enjoyed a gardener singing his heart out while he was cutting the neighbor’s lawn. I mean, he was singing!

The Honky Tonks are an essential part of the downtown scene and a must visit. On a recent visit there, my sister and her fiancé and I headed out of suburbia that direction. Once we reached the area, my sister told the driver he could let us out anywhere. Lights and fun and action were popping on both sides of the street. Looked so exciting! I opened the car door of the relative silence of our taxi and was assaulted like a heatwave of blaring live music coming at me in all directions. What??? Totally unsuspecting this, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Wow!” The taxi driver started laughing and said, “Welcome to Nashville! Y’all have a great time now, you hear?” 

They don’t call it southern hospitality for nothin’.

The first honky tonk we stepped inside sits on a prime corner piece of downtown real estate and has three floors. Live music on each one. The natives were drinking, dancing and just having a grand ol’ time just cause it was Sunday afternoon at 4 PM. 

We had a drink and hit all three floors. Before we left, we did the right thing and put some cash in the buckets placed in front of the performers–they are after all paid only in tips. And then we headed out to the next one. And the next. There’s some real talent in Nashville. 

One thing that I loved and got a deeper appreciation for during this jaunt was the lyrics to the songs that were sung. Love and life, heartache and hope, alcohol and advice, intimacy and inspiration–it’s all there. Life in chords and harmony.

Hope y’all get a chance to slow your roll and visit this Athens of the South. Go Honky Tonkin and maybe grab a plate of Meat and Three.

Maybe the Menopausebarbees will see y’all there!