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Here’s to You Sir Elton John!

He celebrated his 71 birthday three days ago and with over 300 million albums sold, is one of the best selling music artists in the world.

When I was in high school, I remember driving down the street with a car full of high school girlfriends, all of us singing at the top of our lungs, the lyrics to any number of his songs. And then of course, standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom, hairbrush as microphone and singing some of his greatest hits until I was hoarse. So when I had the opportunity meet Sir Elton John, it was truly, truly an amazing moment for me.

Enjoying a Grey Goose martini on the grounds of his palatial home near Windsor Palace, (there is even a corner plot with a cemetery), I along with several hundred others anxiously awaited his arrival with his husband, David.

And suddenly there they were. I think everyone was actually in shock because no one approached them–they simply stared at them in a sort of hushed awe.

Me too. I stood there. Looking. Staring. Then I thought: what would Daddy do? So I did what I thought Daddy would do and I walked over to him, extended my hand, introduced myself and said, “How you doin’?” And we fell into conversation and it was just grand! Feeling EVERYONE’S eyes on us and seeing how they were all pulling out their cell phones for pictures, I knew when to hold them and fold them and so I graciously excused myself. Perfect timing. He was stormed by everyone! He stayed for pictures for a lucky few and then he and David made their way into the massive domed pavilion where this evening would begin.

Here are some highlights of one of the Elton John Aids Foundation White Tie and Tiara Balls I had the opportunity to attend.

This spectacular evening marked the 20th anniversary of the Elton John AIDS Foundation which is a global organization fighting HIV and AIDS. Among the 10 largest AIDS grant-making organizations in the world, the EJAF supports thousands of men, women and children with life-saving medication, as well as providing information, nutrition, education, shelter and support.

This is HUGE.

The theme of the event this particular evening: love.
To quote Elton and David, “. . .If we have enough love and compassion to find the funding to make sure that no one gets left behind for HIV treatment or prevention, we can truly make the future HIV free in our lifetime.”
“. . .love and compassion. . .”

Imagine that.

The reception, held next door to Windsor Castle, began at 6:30 P.M. on the 37 acre palatial estate known as ‘home’ to Sir Elton John and David Furnish. I was punctual. There is nothing fashionable about being fashionably late at this tremendous house party!

Once outside of the hustle and bustle of London I found myself in the quaint village of old Windsor. As I was driven past the Oxford Blue pub I waved to all the patrons outside who had gathered out front to wave to the cars passing by heading towards this event. The Elvis impersonator was a real stand out.

At the time of my arrival, the mist that had threatened did indeed morph into rain showers. Our hosts were prepared for this and as I exited my hired car, I was met by men with oversized umbrellas who escorted me to the reception area where I was shown the coat check and given my table number.

With the first of my drinks in one hand and umbrellas in the other, I, along with several others made an attempt at strolling about the elegant grounds. There are several gardens and an 18th Century Orangerie to see, but we couldn’t really get any further than the Roman Terrace before the rains persuaded us to go back inside. Sheltered from the elements under a white mammoth canvassed dome, the well heeled, the royal and the celebrated from all over the world gathered to show their support for the foundation’s causes and to help raise funds for life changing programs for the people suffering from or at risk of HIV/AIDS. They saw and were seen as they enjoyed the champagne reception featuring Grey Goose designer cocktails and delicate canapés.

The lavish dinner began shortly after 8. The menu:

‘Summer Garden’
a salad, consisting of Burrata, Barigoule Artichokes, Asparagus, Datterini Tomatoes, Rainbow Radish, Viola Flowers and Toasted Sunflower Seeds with just enough of a drizzle of Cabernet Sauvignon Dressing.

The main course:Milk Fed Lamb Noisette,
accompanied by Kimichi William Pear, Carrot Confit, Smoked Potato and Summer Pea Puree, Olive Oil and White Wine Jus.
Desert:‘The Lovin’ Spoonful’certainlydidn’t disappoint.It was deliciously presented as a Passion Fruit Bombe, with Lime Sugared Raspberries, Valrhona Caraïbe, Mango Sorbet, Honeycomb and Popping Candy.

Coffee, Tea and Petite Fours were served at the coffee station.

Before the night was over, I saw that sliders (miniature burgers) were being served. I only remember thinking, “Tracie, don’t you dare! Enough is enough-even here!”

After dinner the auction was held. Charlie Rose, the charming auctioneer of the evening, raised over 3 million British Pounds (over 4.5 million U.S. dollars)! Auctioned items included The Chopard Red Carpet Cannes Experience, a private styling session with Victoria Beckham, a luxurious Audi RS 6 Avant roadster and several other exclusive Superbrand lots.
The night culminated with Coldplay performing and Sir Elton John joining in on a couple songs himself. A highlight of the musical performances was when Elton and David announced Glee star Matthew Morrison’s engagement to his girlfriend, Renee Puente whereupon Elton and Coldplay singer Chris Martin serenaded the couple withYour Song. When all was said and done, streamers fell from the ceiling and like I said, there were those dang sliders and probably breakfast, which was served the last time I attended.

But alas it was 2 in the morning and my driver was outside waiting to drive me back into London town. The rains had finally stopped, but that was the last thing on my mind.
I was actually filled with awe for this man who could at this stage of the game just sit back on his laurels, but who instead has chosen the road of tenacity and dedication in heading thefoundation that bears his name. I tried to imagine the number of lives he is personally responsible for saving.
“. . .love and compassion. . .”

Imagine that.

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