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Happy Happy


I reveled in the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. I loved everything about it–from preparing the menu to imagining and setting up the holiday decorations.

That last supper was truly my masterpiece. Even if I had known it was to be the last one of my marriage, I couldn’t have made it any better.

There were forty of us altogether and what a night to remember! This picture is of the menu I had hanging on the dining room wall. It says:

“The sharing of food and the gift of good company,

we are blessed, abundantly!

Thanksgiving Menu:

devilled eggs, sherry blue cheese spread, chicken liver pate, stuffed celery, The Turkey (actually I prepared two), ham, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, red and white creamed onions, green beans, dinner rolls (if I get to it) and I did, potato salad and the Pies!

Sweet potato, pecan, apple ad lemon meringue

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!”

After the feast, one of my girlfriends, Anita Davis set up her equipment and sang and we danced and had a great time until the wee hours of the morning.

It must have really meant something to me, in that this menu is one of the treasured items I took with me when I moved out of my home and my marriage. I am so thankful that I have it and I am so thankful for the memory of that awesome evening.

One of the things  I have learned over the years is that the good thing about something being the last time means that there will definitely be a first time for something else. That first time will surely make you happy or sad or maybe even both; but it will certainly be a new experience and that experience gives us growth. And that is a good thing.

What’s the moral of the story? 

This year Thanksgiving will not be the same. The celebration of this tradition will be a first. I would dare to say, it invokes feelings of sadness for many, not being able to celebrate as usual with all family and friends. But–this EXPERIENCE is the opportunity to take our maturity to the next level, to exercise restraint, and to really pause and appreciate and show that by being living testimonials to our blessings.

Be safe and be blessed, everyone. Happy Happy.