... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Happy Birthday to my sister, Wonder Woman!

With my sister, it’s Christmas everyday!

Today as we celebrate her birthday, I am reminded that Tracie is a gift to all blessed to know her.  She listens, she supports, she volunteers, she’s well informed, funny, fun, well traveled, compassionate, spontaneous, creative,  and well loved.

As I sit here trying to express all that Tracie means to me, she’s best described as a security blanket.  Ever since I was a baby, Tracie has been my fiercest protector.  She is the perfect combination of our parents.  Tracie has Daddy’s wit, wisdom and wonder.  As she has faired more years in Europe than in our safety nest at home, her travels, and ability to go it alone have served her well. Daddy would be beyond proud.  She has been blessed with Mama’s beauty, brains and culinary skills.  Tracie figured it out early on to take notice and she is the best example of emulating our Mama who is only described as perfection. 

Like our parents, Tracie is a pioneer, who has established her own rules against often times challenging odds.  But as our favorite Daddy quote goes, Tracie defines, “Ain’t no given in and no given out.”  I truly wonder how she does it all?

I’m Inspired  by Tracie’s joie de vie!  Her laughter is infectious and contagious.  We have been so fortunate to see the world, laugh until it hurts, and cry until it doesn’t.  “Thank you, Thank you very much!” In Elvis voice- a moment, I will never forget.  Tracie gets me like no one else…

As described above, Tracie wears numerous titles- Daughter, Mother, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Aunt,  Friend, Business Woman, Volunteer, Traveler, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher.  One word best suits her- FIERCE!

If you haven’t already, treat yourself to the gift of a mother’s love and her story.  You will be amazed with wonder!

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And as our grandmother taught us, age ain’t nothing but a number, and Tracie’s (like mine) is unlisted!

Happy Birthday to this Wonder Woman!