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Happy Birthday Marc! A Life in Pictures and a Message from My Son!

“Look to each day for the goodness it brings,

for living life is to believe in all things…’

When I penned these words as a young school girl, I never imagined at that time what meaning they would hold for me in my adult life.

When I was told that my extraordinary son, born with only half of his heart did not have a chance at life, somehow, someway I believed he would survive. I believed despite my gut wrenching fear and all the odds against us. And so I fought the doctors, the fates, the infections and everything else that got in my way for him to have a chance at life. 

Today I look back in amazement at our thirty-four years together. The day a major event occurred in my life. And my gift to you are some pictures of our journey and Marc’s thoughts on life taken from my inspiring book, Incompatible with Nature-A Mother’s Story.

Marc, Happy Birthday my son. I love you so much more than mere words can say.  I just don’t know how you got to be older than me!


The prenatal printout of Marc’s heartbeat indicating that everything was fine. And him sucking his thumb.

With my parents directly after Marc’s birth–11 days before we knew of the prognosis.

Me in my green hospital gown holding my baby at the hospital.

Marc and his father, Helmut.


The joys of a chocolate Easter bunny!


Love this shot. I wonder what he’s thinking…



First day of school!

My hero: Dr. Aldo Castañeda, the surgeon who gave me hope and ultimately saved Marc’s life at Children’s Hospital Boston in 1994.

Marc, did you practice, today?

Racing with his father–amazing!

What???? Courageous!!

Homeboy loves his 1. FC Köln home team!

In Montreux with the maestro! Uncle Q!!

Daddy said it best: “Ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out!” Amen.

And now from the mouth of my baby:

“Hey Mom, 

Here are a few notes from me that I’d like you to share in your book. 

The most important thing I’d like you to convey are my golden rules for staying strong: 

1)  Believe in God.
2)  Trust your inner gut–you know your body, soul and spirit the best. 

3) Have a positive mindset–this helps the body to recover quicker. 

4) It seems as if people have lost sight of what really matters. Be grateful for your life. Stop looking at what you don’t have and start being thankful for what you do have. 

5) Have a dream or a goal and stick to it. Everyone must have a dream, no matter how impossible it may seem to reach. 

6) Cherish your life, really cherish it. 

7) Time and life are precious. Nobody knows how much of it we have left, therefore we must make life worth living. 

8) Live in such a way, so that at the end you can talk about all the things you DID instead of about all the things you MISSED out on.”


“Look to each day for the goodness it brings,

for living life is to believe in all things…”