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Happy Birthday Mama! Double Infinity 88! Ain’t No Givin’ Up and No Givin’ Out

While being on home quarantine, like most of you reading this, I have spent time going through volumes of family photos.  I came across this treasure of our mama, today’s birthday girl circa 1965.  This picture speaks volumes about who the Menopausebarbee’s mother is today as we honor her 88th year.  As you will note, in the photo, she is dressed to the nines, hat to heels, posing amidst construction, undoubtedly heading to the bank to plead for financing to keep daddy’s projects going.  Mama would have been a mere 33 years old in this picture.  Yes, girlfriends, those shoes are from the House of Chanel.



Mama has always been the best team player, fighter, have your back, fair, loyal, hard working, industrious, and learned person we are blessed to know and call a business partner.



Mama has never been one to crave the limelight, in fact, she prefers to exist under the radar.  However, her natural beauty, grace, and poise have garnered her many titles over the years including SeaFair Queen, Ms. Bronze of Seattle as well as a sought after runway and print model for all the major department stores.


As we reflect today on her 88th year, the title that suits mama best is LOVE.  When our father was a drummer, a bandmate coined a song, “Love is Theresa”.  For those who know and love her as Ba-suh, Mama T, Tutu, Grammy,  Theresa, Omi,  Aunt Willie or Precious, they all would agree, she is the epitome of living your best life. The glass truly is always half full, as mama chooses to live life optimistically.  She is a woman for every season, and she has weathered many storms.







Sun Valley December 2019

My 50th


Taryn, her youngest grandchild’s graduation from High School


Mama has won titles, created a thriving business and legacy, bore children and raised grandchildren, cooked the best feasts, had a stellar modeling career, traveled the world from Europe to Africa and still is the sharpest most put together woman we know.

Bibi aka Grandmother in Tanzania with her brother Richard and sister in law Leslie


Her energy leaves many of us, who are years her junior, pondering how does she do this???  Her sage advice, with humor and wit, honestly attributes we have all come to long for and appreciate.

My sister, and co-blogger Tracie’s favorite tag is our dad’s line – “Ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out.”  Mama took that to heart.  She is Dr. Mom and has filled every prescription in our life.




Through the years, family is what matters most!

With the Cousins

Aunt Barb’s 80th



Mom honored at Seattle Mariner’s Baseball game

Nieces and Nephews


Baby Brother Love







8 represents infinity- it’s no irony mama was born on the 8th – so this being mama’s 88th – we love her triple infinity!

Happy Birthday Mama!  xoxoxo