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Happy Birthday #GirlDad

In January of 2020, before we commenced on a Pandemic year of tragic losses, the phrase #GirlDad was coined as a tribute to NBA Star Kobe Bryant, after the world was devastated by his untimely death in a helicopter crash.  Bryant was the father of four girls, and the trend and tweets of #GirlDad started after a CNN reporter shared how proud he was to be a father to daughters.

Like Kobe, my father was a #GirlDad, and today, we celebrate what would have been his 89th birthday.  Although he has been gone 24.5 years, the lessons this daughter of a #GirlDad received live on daily.

Those who knew and loved Daddy will appreciate some of these sentiments which he often said.

Hey Now

Baby, fix me a drink

How about a short one?

L-i-s-t-e-n to me…  You’re Not listening

You Gotta Git up and Git on it

Half the day is gone- (when it was perhaps 8:20 in the morning)

Keep Your Mind Open

It’s not about the black or white- it’s the gray matter

Replace me and do this job I’ve been doing for 40 years

This is my sweat and your equity

REFINANCE baby, it’s Tax Free!

He’s a man child

That’s Gerald Frank’s genes… (when we made him proud) or

Stop actin’ stupid, that’s from your mama’s side… (when we disagreed)

Never come from a position of weakness

If I’m drowning and you can’t swim, leave me the f#ck alone!

You better learn this before I have the big one…

I wouldn’t miss it for nothing in the world

It ain’t over til the fat lady dances…( I would always correct him and say she sings)

Earlier this year, I was reminded by a young women who used to work with daddy of a story about how he would think outside of the box, and not see things in black or white.

We were in the apartment rental business, and a women applied for an apartment and after her credit was pulled, her job verified and previous residency confirmed, Daddy leaned in, ‘I got one last question.  Do you have a vacuum?’ The woman was confused as to what significance a vacuum had in her approval.  Daddy’s response was, ‘How the hell are you gonna keep my beautiful unit clean if you don’t have a vacuum?  Sorry, I cannot rent to you until you own one.’  And this story may suck (I can’t help myself) but the lesson is crystal clear.  You always gotta look beneath the surface.

Happy Birthday Daddy!  I’m still enjoying the ride and all the lessons you gave me.

“There ain’t no given up and no given out”    xoxo