... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Happy Birthday Daddy, This One’s for You!

Tracie: Can it be that life slips by faster the older we get?

It seems as if it was just yesterday Daddy was true to form, sitting back smiling, meeting and greeting in this picture.

Or was yelling out, “Drive goddamit!” while I eased off the clutch and simultaneously revved up the engine of our truck as he taught me to drive a column stick shiftuphillduring downtown rush hour on one of Seattle’s steepest hills.

Or improvised a song and sang it to me on the piano calledTracie.

Dana: My earliest lesson I learned from Daddy was never to give in to fear. On one of our family vacations to Harrison Hot Springs, I must have been about three, and for some reason, the glistening blue water in the pool enticed me. At that time, I was unable to swim, but nonetheless, I jumped in, fully clothed, into the deep end. As I submerged, Mama came unglued and screamed for Daddy to rescue me- as she couldn’t swim either. But Daddy stayed calm on the edge of the diving board and as I wailed and bobbed, he willed me to dog paddle my way out. Although I gasped for air, and can still recall the water in my passage ways, I made it. It was an early lesson in getting myself out of challenging situations. Over the years, there were so many times when Daddy could have easily rescued me and my siblings, but he instilled in us the wherewithal to dig in and figure it out which still serves us to this day.

Tracie: It is so fitting that we really take the time to remember this complex creature at this gift giving time of year. The greatest gifts I believe we have ever received, are the ones this wise soul gave us–the ones too big to be contained by Christmas wrap; the ones that had no expectations of reciprocity.

Indeed, Daddy you drove us to tears, to belly laughter and to be the best we could be. If you would’ve said that pigs could fly-we would have looked towards the sky.

Dana: So today, on what would have been your 81st year, we celebrate you Daddy, a memorable character who believed and taught us that the only limitations in life come from our own self restrictions. Thank you…

Yes Daddy, this one’s for you!