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Happily Inside the Christmas Market of Old Town Cologne

Welcome to the entrance of the Heinzelmänchen Christmas Market in the heart of Old Town Cologne! Legend has it that these little gnomes are responsible for all the Christmas splendor here in this market and prevent any mass made or modern goods from being sold.

The little gnome stands atop the sign pointing anyone who so desires, to follow in the right direction towards Christmas Lane.

Colorful wonderful candles…

Lots and lots of wonderful colorful candles…

Bottles for scented oils from a man dressed in all his sartorial splendor

who also sold frankincense and myrrh…

Jewelry presented by their designers…

Candy cutters…

Pastries from Hungary…I indulged in a cinnamon brown sugary roll direct from the oven.Happily.

And by the time I reached this little hut, I was feeling all toasty warm from a Glühwein that had gone down quite smoothly. I was still feeling sugar happy from the pastry, so I figured that because I was ‘out there’ by then anyway, the only thing left to do was to indulge in one of these succulent, mouth watering tender steak bites on a foot long stick. Happily!

And then I strolled past the maker of mouth tingling mustards

and the merchants of beautiful napkins and tablecloth embroideries and right about then I decided it was time to

slip away from the crowd and head towards home. My tummy and senses were full to the brim and just as I was about to exit the gates of the Home of the Heinzelmännchen I came across

the occupants of this gabled little house who were preparing Raclette cheese in various ways: with potatoes, with veggies and a simple variation where the cheese is simply shaved away from the base, melting as it goes, on top of a half of baguette bread. This is tradition dating back hundreds of years originating in the Swiss Alps. Now, how can you fight tradition? I didn’t. Happily!

Happy Friday everybody!

©2012 Tracie Frank Mayer