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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Hair Me Out!

We are a society obsessed with hair. As a child born in the 60’s, Ihave survivedmany decades of being all too in-tuned to what is hip and now in the hair department.
I have studied styles as they tend to repeat themselves.
1920’s there was The Bob…
1950’s The Pony Tail…
How about Jane Fonda whipping,The Shag, or the 1980’sPoodle perm…
Farrah Fawcett had everyone running to get feathered, flipped and bleached in the 80’s…
Ooh and the 90’s , how many of you tried to reincarnate yourself with the Rachel as strutted by Jennifer Aniston…
And now in the 2000’s, therage with extensions- everyone letting their overnight growth down like Rapunzel
Yep seen it and tried it all

Hair- it’s a universal women’s issue!

I often feel sorry for my hairdresser- she has clients that as we joke walk in looking like Tyler Perry and demand to walk out resembling Halle Berry. She’s a beautician, not a magician!

There is nothing like a bad hair day. And yesterday, I was at my worst! After being stranded in Seattle’s Blizzard of 2012, I was 2 weeks past due and in an earnest rush to my beautician to get it fried, died, and laid to the side. Oh, those gray menopausebarbee hairs are simply not a welcomeaccessory.

In dire need of my 2nd cup of java, I sped searching for a drive up Coffee Stand. All my old hauntswere closed. Where and why are they closed? This is Seattle, Coffee Capital of the World!

Desperate, I finally take my chances and pop into theCapital Hill Tully’s holding my breath and praying that I would not see a soul I know. Of course, I couldn’t be that lucky and I run into just about everyone from my past, present and future. So, I decided to go incognito and I pulled my sweat jacket over my head, and put on my sunglasses which I always keep in my purse for those 2 days a year when the sun appears.I ordered my tall Americana looking like the Unibomber.

“Room for cream,” the barista smiled.Just give me the damn coffee, I thought. As another acquaintance tapped my shoulder, “Dana is that you?”I snatched the hot cup and rushed back to my car.

Oh well, if my disguise didn’t leave em talking, I knew me gray edges would!Call it vanity or insanity… but when I’m having a bad hair day- please just ignore me! I will thank you when I am properly coiffed!