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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Staying???

Guess who’s coming for dinner and staying???
When the much anticipated news of their pending engagement was announced overnight, I was elated that love wins. It doesn’t matter that this new Royal is an African American and divorcee. If Harry chooses to remain as a Prince, Meghan will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales.
If he is made a Duke (which is more likely), Meghan will become a Duchess just like the Duchess of Cambridge.
Royal experts believe that Harry may take on the role of the Duke of Sussex as this is one of the few vacant names left.

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Today’s headlines made me re-visit a post from my visit to London earlier this summer.
I’ve had a love affair with London for years. I recall my first visit some 25 years ago, we were young and naïve and broke and stayed in what equated to a bed and breakfast hotel.  There was literally a bed and a crumpet for breakfast. Our room was considered a luxury suite in that although we had to climb 100 steps to get in, we had a toilet, but we had to share a joint shower.  I look back on those memories fondly as I do when I think of my son as a senior in college doing the Red Bull Challenge. See Menopausebarbee post (
Brett and two friends arrived over seas with only Red Bull as their source of currency as they navigated a week to Germany.  I encourage all young people to travel.  There are over 6 Billion people in the world, and you gotta go to know!
For part two of this excursion, we arrived in London where we stayed at the lovely Park Tower.
I was elated as I discovered at the suggestion of my girl, Nicole Knowles, that I could get to Harvey Nichols Department Store faster than I could finish my vodka bitter lemon!
The location was ideal as we walked and marveled at the designer clothing shops realizing that our American Dollars would not go very far on the British Pound, we still enjoyed oogling at the European haute couture.  My boyfriend is the ANTI-social media guy.  He doesn’t get how people choose to post and live their lives out loud!  We’ve been dating a year and a half and most people outside of my inner circle didn’t know I was in a relationship, because he detests posts, pics, and TMI.  Hmmm, sometimes opposites truly do attract!  Yes, I’m a little un-well.
On our walk, we happened into Dolce Gabbana, where I spotted a full length man’s fur.  I pleaded with my boyfriend to try it on for shits and giggles.  Of course, he knows my sense of humor, so he rightfully refused or I would have snapped a picture and this blog would be entitled, “He’s FUR real!”  The sales clerk thought I was really un-well as tears rolled down my face in laughter.
Our good fortune connected us to a delightful tour guide, Augusta Harris, took us to the preparation for the Queens 91st birthday parade.  We also feasted on the Crown Jewels.  We lunched in an exclusive area, The Mayfair, where I decided the current art of fashion, outweighed my desire to see Modern Art and departed from our group.  I was bummed to learn I missed my friend, Dale Chihuly’s work in the Claridge Hotel.  For those traveling to London, I highly recommend you connect with Augusta!


Later that evening, we took in the play, Beautiful, which details the history of Carol King and Tapestry, her multi platinum selling album.  The show depicted a woman with a traditional middle class upbringing from New Jersey who went to work for Don Kirshner and wrote tunes we all came to know for a magnitude of artist. It’s the story of talent, love, heartbreak, and resilience. Truth be told, it was my third time seeing this show.  Ok a little un-well, but it never gets old.  I guess, I just like feeling like a Natural Woman.

Natural woman… Meghan Markle- you go, girl! Congrats